NWHA Annual General Report 2017/2018

Annual General Report 2017/2018

The Northwest Health Alliance continues to evolve as a support organization that serves health care organizations across the North West LHIN focusing on the identified needs of the smaller hospitals. Our team is a group of professionals who demonstrate skills and knowledge in managing projects, programs and serving the varied needs of our members.

One of our most valued skills is to be flexible to meet new needs as they arise. This NWHA Annual General Report identifies dozens of varied projects that our staff have contributed to over the past year.  This work has helped to forward the cause of integration and to help standardize the way we operate by bringing all of our hospitals together to deal with regional issues such as the provincial eHealth agenda, Hospital Information System (HIS) renewal, new pharmacy standards, reporting requirements and Information Technology/Information Management (IT/IM) planning and governance to name just a few.