Our Mandate

Since its inception, the NWHA mission has been to facilitate collaboration among health service
providers in order to improve the delivery of health care for patients in Northwestern Ontario.

Our Vision


Collaborating to support the provision of excellent health services.


The Northwest Health Alliance facilitates collaboration among health service providers.


  • Trust
  • Mutual Benefit
  • Innovation
  • Equity

Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction

Shared ICT Support

To support the implementation of cost effective, innovative, reliable and compatible ICT systems

Shared Services

To investigate the potential applicability of other shared services such as shared purchasing, e-referral and others.

Strategic Direction
Enabling Shared Governance

To further develop the shared governance structure that promotes participation and collaborative agreements among members.

Communication and Promotion

To ensure partners and potential partners understand the Northwest Health Alliance and its role.

Efficient Organization

To deliver the mission in an efficient manner that is simple and low cost.

Annual Report

Following the growth and expansion of the Northwest Health Alliance (NWHA) in 2014/15, 2015/16 saw continued maturity of the operations and much discussion about the future of the NWHA and the organization published its first Annual Report.