RM&R Program

Regional Resource Matching and Referral

The Northwest Health Alliance (NWHA) is the system owner of the Regional Resource Matching and Referral (RM&R) Program in the North West LHIN region. The Regional RM&R Program provides benefits to patients, health service providers, and health system planners through increased collaboration, standardized referrals, and a shared commitment to success.

The NWHA oversees and coordinates all RM&R initiatives to further advance RM&R throughout the region, enabling automatic resource matching (e.g. of patients to appropriate programs/services), as well as, the use of electronic referrals between all health service providers – including referrals to community support services.

RM&R Documents
ONE ID Resources

ONE® ID is an Identity and Access Management service, a set of systems and processes that enable trusted and secure access to eHealth services for health care providers. ONE® ID helps to ensure that only registrants who require secure and reliable access to personal health information are granted access. ONE® ID’s robust identity validation process uses a person’s real-world identity to create a digital identity, which is then used to authenticate a person’s access to eHealth service(s).

A critical success factor for a Referral and Resource Matching system, such as Pathways™, is the ability for it to integrate with the EMR used by the Referral Source organization and by the Referral Receiver. All partners understand the importance of integration across the systems to encourage a seamless workflow and to achieve buy-in.

As an initial step towards the goal of complete integration, a new Single Sign On interface will be developed using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard established by e-Health Ontario. This interface will allow an end-user to sign into any ONE ID integrated application and proceed on to any other ONE ID enabled application for which they are authorized. This service has already been implemented within the Primary Care to Specialist pathway and will be pursued in other pathways following integration with Meditech and CHRIS.

Below, you will find a link to eHealth’s ONE ID Local Registration Authority (LRA) training resource which further explains the roles within the system. We have also included a resource for new users wishing to become a ONE ID user, as well as a cheat sheet for LRA’s on how to setup a new user.

If you are unsure of who the LRA is for your organization, please contact the RM&R Program Lead, Anne Harrison, at







Strata Community Forum

A Strata Canadian Community Forum has been established that will assist communicating not only with each other, but also directly with Strata.

You’ll need to access the board and register at the following link

This forum will allow a you to:

  • Access documentation regarding Strata and have current communications regarding the software product.




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